Payton's Artist In You Scholarship

December 13, 2020 - February 22, 2021

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Scholarship description

What’s up everybody, payton here!

Very VERY excited to be able to give this scholarship to another artist. The “Artist In You” scholarship is for the passionate and artistic people in this world. Those who work hard, self-fund and have followed their dreams of being an artist or creative individual. If you are someone who is an artist that wants to pursue your art long term, then this is the scholarship for you. These funds are meant to make that journey a little easier for you to achieve and continue moving forward on.

I know first-hand as a self-funded independent artist how much goes into creating my art and how many tools are necessary to help make it happen. Bottom line, it’s hard work, but when you’re passionate, the hard times don’t seem to matter as much. If you continue to learn and work at it, you can succeed and keep moving forward. This is meant to help with that.

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